Brimstone In the News: January 2014- Successful Trials and NATO PGM

Brimstone In the News: January 2014- Successful Trials and NATO PGM

As reported Friday in Flight Global, the UK sponsored the integration and test firings of Dual Mode Brimstone missiles off an MQ-9 Reaper remotely piloted aircraft in China Lake, California.

The article says, “Interest in the Brimstone’s integration with the Reaper stems from the dual-mode seeker and millimeter-wave radar-equipped type’s combat-proven accuracy, and its ability to engage moving ground vehicles.”

The article highlights the tests proved that the Dual Mode Brimstone can successfully hit from a Reaper a “range of static and high-speed maneuvering targets.”

Click here to read the full article by Craig Hoyle in Flight Global.

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In the 21 January article “Shared Precision,” Defense News previews the upcoming NATO Universal Armaments Interface (NUAI) meeting taking place in the UK. Designed to collect lessons learned from recent NATO coalition military actions such as the 2011 mission against the Gadhafi regime in Libya “in which some coalition air forces ran low on precision strike weapons during the seven-month campaign,” the conference will seek to establish “a framework to strengthen international cooperation in procuring, storing and maintaining weapons” to arrive at new standards of excellence for Precision Guided Missiles (PGM).

Reacting to the article, MBDA’s VP of Business Development Doug Denneny stated that:

“More than 98 times out of 100, Brimstone hit the mark during combat operations in Afghanistan and Libya. The unmatched precision of MBDA’s Dual Mode Brimstone combined with MBDA’s record of delivering on time and on budget and forthcoming expanded production of the Dual Mode Brimstone in our Huntsville, Alabama site means that the Dual Mode Brimstone will continue to be an excellent choice for coalition forces.”

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