International Collaboration

International Collaboration

International Collaboration

MBDA is a model for how international collaboration and strategic partnerships can succeed to develop and deliver the world’s best missile technology while sharing program cost and promoting defense cooperation between allies.


A multinational effort to meet next-generation combat requirements, MBDA’s Meteor missile program exemplifies how collaboration among allies can foster innovation and create world-leading technology. It also demonstrates MBDA’s unique ability, as a truly international company, to coordinate multinational collaborative programs.


FASGW(H)/ANL Anti-Ship Missile

MBDA is leading a collaborative effort between the United Kingdom and France to develop the next-generation helicopter launched an anti-ship missile. The Future Anti-Surface Guided Weapon (Heavy), known as FASGW(H), provides significant capability enhancements over existing munitions and will defeat the most challenging open-sea and littoral maritime targets.


Team Complex Weapons

TCW is a collaborative partnership between the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) and industry, led by MBDA, to manage the design, development, and manufacture of the UK’s missile programs.  The partnership brings MOD together with an industry team comprised of MBDA, Thales, QinetiQ, and Roxel. The agreement enables MBDA and its industry partners to establish robust research and development programs to meet clear requirements and reduce program cost.


Storm Shadow / SCALP Missile

MBDA’s Storm Shadow / SCALP missile provides the British, French, and Italian militaries with a highly-flexible, deep-strike capability against high-value targets. With extensive combat experience in Iraq and Libya, Storm Shadow / SCALP is guided by a robust triple navigation system that ensures mission success, even in the most severe countermeasures environments.



Roxel, a world-leader in tactical propulsion systems, is owned by a joint partnership between MBDA and Safran Group. Roxel designs, develops, and manufactures solid rocket motors for tactical and cruise missiles for air, sea, and ground forces, and is a world leader in Insensitive Munitions (IM) technology for Minimum Smoke rocket motors.