Milestones & Awards

Milestones & Awards

Milestones & Awards

MBDA provides the warfighter with the technology needed to respond to any threat, on time and on budget. Throughout MBDA’s history, our many milestones and awards demonstrate our commitment to ensuring program and customer success.


  • MBDA Wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise with Dual Mode Brimstone
  • Brimstone Missile Demonstrates Lethality from MQ-9 Reaper RPA
  • MBDA Awarded Innovation Award from Institute of Physics for Dual Mode Brimstone
  • Successful First Test of Sea Ceptor Firings
  • Development Launched for UK-French FASGW(H)/ANL Anti-Ship Missile


  • First Ground-Launched Salvo Firing of Brimstone against Fast In-Shore Attack Craft
  • MBDA Launches 4th Concept Visions Project to Develop Indirect Precision Attack
  • Sea Ceptor Production Order Signed with UK Royal Navy
  • MBDA US’s Saber weapon scored a direct hit with its laser seeker in test firings from a helicopter in Yuma, AZ


  • Viper Strike Munition Scores Direct Hit against High-Speed Targets
  • MBDA Germany Laser Demonstrator Proves Air Defense Capability
  • Viper Strike Munition Scores Direct Hit against High-Speed Targets
  • Brimstone Demonstrates Lethality Against Fast In-Shore Attack Craft (FIAC)
  • Meteor Completes Guided Firing Program
  • 500th Dual Mode Brimstone Delivered


  • MBDA Inc. Produces 10,000th Diamond Back Wing
  • Dual Mode Brimstone and Storm Shadow on Front Lines in Libya
  • First MILAN ER Test Firing


  • Delivery of 600th TAURUS to Germany
  • 1,000th MICA manufactured in France
  • Meteor Production Orders from France, Spain, and Sweden


  • First Export Contract to UAE for Marte MK2/N
  • TAURUS Integration on F/A-18
  • Successful Completion of Critical Design Review for Meteor Warhead
  • Team Complex Weapons Assessment Phase Launched
  • Fire Shadow Loitering Munition Rapid Development


  • Meteor Completes Air Launched Demonstration Firing
  • First Exocet MM 40 Block 3 Firing
  • Formation of Team Complex Weapons
  • 300th TAURUS produced and first delivery to Spain
  • Launch of MBDA IRAD
  • Aster PAAMS (E) Final Qualification Testing
iraqi soldier


  • MBDA Produces 5,000 missiles in a single year
  • Brimstone Enters Service with UK Royal Air Force
  • Successful TAURUS firing in South Africa
  • ASRAAM Enters Service on Australian Air Force F/A-18, becoming the first UK Missile to be equipped on a  U.S. military  aircraft
  • Validation of MICA EM on Rafale


  • First Exocet MM40 Block 2 Firing
  • 600th Aspide Firing
  • Seawolf Block 2 Successful Test
  • First Aster 15 firing from CDG Aircraft Carrier
  • Storm Shadow First Flight on a Tornado GR4
  • ASRAAM Enters Into Services with Royal Air Force on Tornado Jets