John Pranzatelli; President & CEO

John Pranzatelli; President & CEO

John Pranzatelli

Mr. Pranzatelli is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), MBDA Inc., where he oversees the corporate direction and strategy for MBDA’s US operations, including research and development, manufacturing, marketing, business development, and partnerships.

Mr. Pranzatelli joined MBDA Inc. in 2009, bringing over 30 years of technology industry leadership, financial expertise, and executive management experience to his role with the company. Prior to becoming President and CEO, Mr. Pranzatelli served as MBDA Inc.’s Vice President (VP) of Strategy and Business Operations where he oversaw the day-to-day operations of the company and led the organization in multiple facets of the business. During his time as VP, Mr. Pranzatelli led the acquisition of a missile systems business unit and production line from Northrop Grumman—conducting/coordinating all negotiations, ensuring regulatory compliance, and leading the implementation planning.

Mr. Pranzatelli was formerly Vice President, Finance and Business Management, for several operating groups of Northrop Grumman Corporation. He began his career at TRW in 1980 and progressed through multiple disciplines including finance, business management, program operations, and strategic acquisitions.

Mr. Pranzatelli is a proven, successful executive leader with an in-depth financial background. Throughout his career, Mr. Pranzatelli has been involved in strategic decision making to navigate businesses successfully through the defense market. He is a skilled negotiator and has a solid merger and acquisition track record with an excellent grasp of technology and defense business issues. He has experience in selecting, negotiating, and working with partners at the core of the defense industry.

Mr. Pranzatelli holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Master of Science in Public Management & Policy from Carnegie Mellon University. Mr. Pranzatelli serves on the board of Habitat for Humanity, Metro Maryland. He is also the President of the Andrew Carnegie Society, an alumni fundraising association of Carnegie Mellon University, and an ex-officio member of the Carnegie Mellon University Board of Trustees. He and his wife reside in Chevy Chase, MD.