Land and Sea Combat Missile System

MMP is the latest (fifth) generation land combat missile system designed for dismounted infantry as well as for integration on combat vehicles. The weapon’s effectiveness has also been proven on small naval craft.

Featuring both fire-and-forget and man-in-the-loop operation, network-enabled MMP also receives third party target designation for indirect firing scenarios. MMP has a multi-purpose warhead with the selectable choice of anti-armor or anti-infrastructure modes.

MMP’s design includes the growth potential necessary for a future family of missiles for modern land combat.

MMP will replace the Milan and Javelin anti-tank missiles in service with the French Army and special forces from 2017. Taking into account the battle experience gained from recent conflicts in which the French Army has been engaged, MMP is a response to the demands that have been expressed in terms of required capabilities such as: firing from confined spaces, “fire-and-forget”, and self-guidance with a “man-in-the-loop” facility.


MMP is in service and has been operationally tested and proven in extremes of climate (desert and subarctic conditions). The system’s design includes the
growth potential necessary for a future family of missiles for modern land combat.

  • Next generation dual-band high resolution seeker
  • System qualified at 4km+ against a wide target set in all modes (fire and forget, MITL) even at the maximum range.
  • Optimal effect on MBT’s with top attack trajectories and tandem warhead capable of defeating more than 1,000mm of RHA, and all generation ERA
  •  Selectable optimal trajectory in anti-infrastructure mode
  • Accurate target aiming even at maximum range in LOBL thanks to automatic correlation between the sight and seeker images
  • Advanced image processing for pinpoint guidance accuracy
  • Firing on target designation with accurate flight path due to inertial Measurement Unit

Key Features

  • Lightweight weapon system, easily man-portable
  • High level of day and night, all-weather reconnaissance and identification capability
  • Confined space firing capability