Research & Development

MBDA’s robust research and development program and industry-leading innovation produces the technical superiority needed to defeat tomorrow’s threats.

Concept Visions

Concept Visions is an annual initiative to unlock the latent creativity and innovative spirit within MBDA and redefine the future of weapons systems over the next 20 years. With each Concept Visions, MBDA seeks to create a credible vision of the future that inspires a fresh and innovative look at the future of military capability.


MBDA developed the unique Brimstone seeker to meet a UK Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) for a surgical strike, low collateral damage missile that can operate under the most restrictive rules of engagement. In hundreds of combat firings by the UK in Libya and Afghanistan, Brimstone proved its unmatched “one-shot/one-kill” capability and earned admiration from the highest levels of the UK government, including the 2014 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation and the 2014 Institute of Physics Innovation Award.

Meteor Air-to-Air Missile

Meteor is revolutionizing air-to-air combat.  The next generation Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile (BVRAAM), achieves air dominance from its unique “Ramjet” rocket motor, which powers the missile through target intercept, providing a significantly larger No-Escape Zone than any existing missile.  Meteor is guided by an advanced active radar seeker that provides all-weather capability to engage targets ranging from fighter jets to UAVs and cruise missiles.

Common Anti-Air Modular Missile (CAMM) & Sea Ceptor

CAMM is the next generation air defense missile that defends ground, air, and naval forces from current and future air targets. As part of the Sea Ceptor weapon system, CAMM provides a 360-degree air defense capability for naval forces and is guided by the ship’s existing surveillance radar, providing a cost-effective ship self-defense system. The land-based system will provide forces with an easily transportable and rapidly deployable local air defense capability.

Diamondback® Wing Kit

The US-produced Diamond Back is a low-cost, high-performance range expansion wing assembly that triples the stand-off range of air-launched weapons. Combat-proven in Iraq and Afghanistan with the American Small Diameter Bomb, the Diamond Back wing assembly  features a unique, jointed tandem wing design that provides stand-off and cross-track maneuverability for a significantly expanded footprint.