Brimstone: Air to Ground Weapon

Asplit second decision, a one-time opportunity: missing is not an option. In today’s complex world, America needs to know we’re hitting the right target – and only the right target – every time. When you have to hit a target, stay within budget and don’t have time to waste, Brimstone is your answer.

Brimstone Hits Its Target

  • Incorporating an advanced dual mode seeker, Brimstone is effective against the most challenging, high speed and maneuvering targets over land and at sea
  • The most accurate precision strike product on the market, combat proven in Afghanistan and Libya by the U.K. Royal Air Force
  • Effective from multiple platforms, including fighter-attack aircraft, propeller aircraft, helicopters, Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAs), surface vessels, patrol craft
  • Proven anti-Fast In-Shore Attack Craft (FIAC) capability against single, multiple and swarming threats
  • Low risk of collateral damage – guaranteed by Brimstone’s pinpoint accuracy and focused, low fragmentation warhead

Brimstone Is Affordable

  • Brimstone requires minimal cost to integrate on a US platform – it is a mature product with no development costs and is fully integrated on and used in combat by UK Tornado GR4 fighter aircraft
  • Utilizes standard 1760 digital interfaces for ease of integration with different platforms
  • Brimstone is a low cost per engagement, one shot, one hit weapon that doesn’t require multiple firings to compensate for challenging targets
  • A Naval variant has been successfully tested for ship-launched applications

Brimstone Is Available Now

  1. Available now, off the shelf, for integration on US platforms
  2. Strong US industrial base for most components
  3. Bringing world-leading UK dual mode seeker technology together with US made warhead, motor, and aft end components
  4. Additional new production planned by leveraging the US supply chain; final assembly in Huntsville, Alabama at MBDA Incorporated’s facilities