Air-to-Surface Missile

Recent conflicts have demonstrated the need for precision strike weapons that can operate night and day in all weather conditions against severe countermeasures and attack moving and maneuvering targets. Powered by a turbojet engine, SPEAR has the beyond horizon reach to ensure that the aircraft remains safely away from hostile air defense units.

Highly effective against air defense units, ballistic missile launchers, hardened structures, maneuvering vehicles, tanks, naval vessels, and more, SPEAR’s flexibility provides fourth-gen fighters with fifth-gen performance. Its precision leads to low collateral damage, while its beyond-horizon reach maximizes aircraft survivability in air-to-surface combat.


SPEAR is equipped with the latest generation precision effects warhead, designed to meet the demands of the future combat mission. The weapon will allow the warfighter to reduce the numbers of different weapons within inventory while also extending the operator’s ability to engage mobile, fleeting and re-locatable targets far beyond the horizon.

  • Powered by a turbojet engine for beyond horizon reach
  • Innovative multi-mode sensor seeker for increased selectivity in complex scenarios
    • High-resolution Millimeter Wave radar
    • Semi-Active Laser
  • Equipped with a precision effects warhead

Key Features

  • Low collateral damage precision effect
  • Enhanced platform/weapon survivability
  • Upgradable/flexible growth
  • High load out for increased persistence
  • Engagement capability across a broad target set