New Flexibility For Infantry and Special Forces

Enforcer is a complimentary multipurpose munition to existing shoulder-fired infantry weapon systems. It enables dismounted infantry to engage lightly protected battlefield/urban targets at relevant combat ranges, with high precision and minimal exposure to the operator.

Enforcer provides major advantages for infantry and special forces:

  • Can be carried and operated by a single soldier from behind cover as well as enclosed and confined spaces. Minimal exposure to enemy fire.
  • Designed for use against a wide range of static and moving targets, including concealed snipers. Superior range and effect compared to automatic grenade and rocket launchers.
  • Capability against soft-skinned and lightly armored targets, and Infrastructure. Low collateral damage weapon.


The disposable, shoulder-launched guided weapon system Enforcer can be used to engage a variety of targets at ranges beyond the capability of currently available infantry weapons, including lightly armored static and moving targets, and threats behind cover.

The Enforcer concept is a new lightweight, disposable shoulder-launched guided munition in the 2 km class. The modular design offers the prospect of a future family of Enforcer munitions.

Key Features

  • Fire-and-forget missile system
  • Range up to 2,000m
  • High precision over full range. Day and night operation
  • Lock-on before launch (LOBL)
  • Capability against lightly armored and soft-skinned targets
  • Effect against targets behind cover through airburst capability
  • Multi-effects warhead
  • Lightweight (missile + launch tube < 9kg)
  • System weight (sight and two munitions) < 20kg