An American Missile Company

MBDA Inc. leverages MBDA Missile Systems’ global expertise, products, and technical innovation to meet the unique needs of the US warfighter. With products like the Brimstone® Missile, Viper-E munition, and Diamond Back® Wing Kits for the Small Diameter Bomb, MBDA Inc. provides integrated solutions from systems engineering through full production


MBDA Inc. is an American corporation that is legally organized in the State of Delaware. Through a Special Security Agreement (SSA), MBDA Inc. is authorized to do business with the U.S. Department of Defense. An independent Board of Directors governs MBDA Inc. to ensure freedom from outside influence and compliance with US Government Security & Export regulations.


John Pranzatelli


Rick Cappo

Business Ethics

MBDA is committed to complying with the highest standards of ethical business.

We believe that operating at the highest ethical standards is essential. MBDA is a trustworthy partner to customers, suppliers and other business partners.

Collective behavior of honesty, integrity, and fairness starts with the individual conduct of each employee, according to a set of ethical standards, clearly defined and communicated within the company. To support this commitment to integrity, MBDA has defined the MBDA Code of Ethics. This is supported by detailed policies and procedures, both at Group and National scale.

These policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and updated. They are mandatory to all MBDA employees, regardless of location or role.

Our Vision and Strategy

Our vision is to introduce the best missile systems technologies developed by MBDA into the United States. 

This will be achieved by:

  • Continuing partnerships  and securing access to the capabilities of allied nations.
  • Promoting program cooperation and industrial consolidation between the United States and NATO allied nations in Europe.
  • Growing import and export sales while building strategic partnerships between the United States and Europe.
  • Continuing to develop high-performance offerings across all missile and missile systems domains.
  • Delivering operational excellence and maintaining  industry leadership.