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MBDA Missile Systems

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Delivering award-winning missile capabilities to more than 90 armed forces worldwide.

MBDA Missile Systems delivers award-winning missile capabilities to more than 90 armed forces worldwide.  Solely focused on missile systems, MBDA’s 10,500 employees produce the world’s most advanced weapons including the combat-proven Dual Mode Brimstone® and the Meteor missiles.  With over $3.5b in annual revenue, MBDA’s international focus and industry-leading innovation give our customers the technical capability needed to defeat current and future threats.  With locations in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain, MBDA’s success is deeply rooted in the value of international collaboration.  MBDA has three major aerospace shareholders: Airbus (37.5%), BAE Systems (37.5%), and Leonardo Finmeccanica (25%).

History of International Collaboration

MBDA was launched in 2001 as a joint venture by Europe’s leading missile companies in the United Kingdom, France and Italy to bring together fifty years of technological and operational success.  Spain was included in the restructuring of Europe’s missile industry in February 2002, and the transformation was completed with the acquisition of German subsidiary EADS/LFK in March 2006. This further enriched MBDA’s range of technologies and products, consolidating the Group’s world-leading position in the missile industry.

Technology Expertise & Product Focus

With a portfolio that includes 45 missile systems currently in operational service, and 15 more in development, MBDA Missile Systems delivers the best technology for air, land and sea forces. Over 90 armed forces rely on MBDA to meet the full range of current and future operational needs. Allied forces have repeatedly employed MBDA’s innovative technology in recent conflicts including Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan.