MBDA Inc Exhibiting at 2018 Tailhook Conference

MBDA Inc Exhibiting at 2018 Tailhook Conference
MBDA Inc Exhibiting at 2018 Tailhook Conference

As the worldwide leader in missile systems, MBDA is committed supporting armed forces worldwide in bringing advanced weapons systems that complement the 5th generation F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. MBDA will be exhibiting at the 2018 Tailhook Association conference on the Future of Carrier Aviation taking place September 6-9 in Reno, Nevada. Our booth will feature a variety of MBDA’s F-35 products including:

Meteor: Meteor is the next generation of Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile (BVRAAM) systems designed to revolutionize air-to-air combat in the 21st Century. Meteor’s stunning performance is achieved through its unique ramjet propulsion system that provides the missile with thrust all the way to target intercept, providing the largest No-Escape Zone of any air-to-air missile.

Meteor is currently being integrated to UK F-35.  IOC is expected in early to mid 2020s.

SPEAR: MBDA’s network-enabled, precision surface attack for all weather operations.  Powered by a turbojet engine, SPEAR has the beyond horizon reach to ensure that the aircraft remains safely away from hostile air defense units, while also minimizing time of flight.

Spear is also being integrated to UK F-35 with IOC in the early to mid 2020s.

MBDA also produces the Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile (ASRAAM):  In March of 2017 MBDA achieved a major milestone for F-35 integrations with the successful firing trials of the MBDA Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile (ASRAAM).  ASRAAM has already been integrated to UK F-35; further upgrades to ASRAAM will be introduced during the F-35 Continuous Capability Development & Delivery (C2D2) phase.

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