MBDA Systems on the Future of Command and Control

MBDA Systems on the Future of Command and Control

Drawing on its unique air defence systems experience in Europe, MBDA is unveiling the future direction it is considering for Command and Control (C2) systems via an interactive demonstrator called MiC2 (MBDA innovative C2). Taking into consideration the threat evolution and ever increasing operational demands, MiC2 is aimed at improving the efficacy of air defence operators. In particular, it is aimed at easing their workload while at the same time allowing them to maximize the deployment and engagement characteristics of each kind of missile involved. To achieve this, MiC2 calls on the most recent advances in Man-Machine Interface (MMI). Inspired by smartphones and tablets, its MMI is more intuitive and natural, whilst the introduction of technologies such as voice recognition and eye tracking provide fluidity and speed of execution for the operator.

”With the C2 systems that we are delivering today, there is a noticeable trend towards the growth in the number of sources of information, a trend that in all likelihood will increase over the years to come. These sources include active radars as well as passive or multi-static radars, video or infra-red panoramic view sensors, without forgetting tactical data networks such as Link 11 and Link 16,” explains François Moussez, MBDA’s Military Air Advisor.

“At the same time, customers are increasingly looking for C2 systems that are capable of controlling several layers of air defence. And the rules of engagement are becoming much stricter. In having to manage ever more complex systems with extremely demanding target identification requirements, operators will see their workload increase. It is in thinking about tomorrow that we have decided to consider C2 ergonomics, maintaining the principle of placing of the operator at the centre of the activity and providing him with the information that he needs with a minimum of effort and in the minimum period of time”.

”For MBDA, the MiC2 demonstrator is a tool which will allow us to explore and test the new man-machine interfaces during the carrying out of an air defence engagement with the customer. With MiC2, we can prepare our future product offer and continue to adhere more closely to the evolving operational needs of our customers while all the time bearing in mind the heavy and lasting pressure on manning levels,” concludes François Moussez.

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